From November 2017 to June 2018, I interned at a digital marketing agency in DC called REQ. My day-to-day tasks included assisting team members in every department, writing content for nationally known brands, and helping build campaigns from start to finish.

REQ prides itself in building brands, cultivating engagement, and connecting audiences. I was able to use these values every step of the way in creating a voice unique to the many grassroots communities REQ serves. I used social media as a way to execute this tactic, which resulted in Facebook, Twitter, and Google Search copy that used an engaging, action-oriented tone reflective of these brands.


ebay main street

Goal: Celebrate eBay Main Street's grassroots community by highlighting members of eBay's Small Business Ambassador Network (SBAN).

Solution: Create unique narratives for eBay's SBAN members through Facebook and Twitter deliverables. Additionally, use the hashtag #EverydayHeroes to convey their importance in the eBay community.








Free radio alliance

Goal: Help grassroot community members of Free Radio Alliance understand the effects of a performance tax and inform them of ways they can take a stand against it.

Solution: Create powerful, informative posts on Twitter that promote local events, quick facts about radio usage, and coalition updates.




paypal public policy

Goal: Revamp PayPal's Public Policy website and create fresh new meta descriptions to reflect new content.

Solution: Adopt PayPal's tone of voice and create short, informative meta descriptions found on Google search pages.



PayPal Meta Descriptions.jpg


Goal: Inform REQ's large Twitter audience of the many services REQ is capable of.

Solution: Draft and publish tweets discussing current trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Design and Development, Paid and Social Advertising, and Branding.