folgers coffee


Problem: It's hard meeting new people in big cities. Sometimes, we just need a little push. And coffee.

Solution: Create a partnership between Folgers and OkCupid, the dating app. Through this partnership, participating cities will be able to host speed-dating events where matches on OkCupid meet up, grab their coffee, and get chatting.

Insight: It's a lot easier to talk to people you don't know after you've had some coffee.

Concept: Coffee is an icebreaker.

Tagline: A cup of conversation.

Social Media Hashtag: getchatty



Demonstrates how this campaign works by using Richmond, VA as a sample city.



Upon downloading the OkCupid app, users are prompted to fill out a survey so they can find their matches.

This option is geo-sensitive and is only available in participating cities.



Print ads that take a jab at whatever city they're referring to.

(from left to right): New York City, Washington DC, and Richmond VA.



Consumers are redirected to the Folgers website, thanks to the call-to-action on the print ads. Here they can find out everything there is to know about the event: how it works, which cities are participating, and what previous participants have to say.



Handcrafted by yours truly. These sleeves would be used at Folgers' speed dating events. Upon arriving, participants write their names on their sleeves, receive a list of their match(es), and get to finding them.



Participants can show how well (or how bad) their dates are going by using the hashtag #getchatty.


Creative Director: Thomas Scott

Art Directors: Jessica Mayfield & Caroline McLoughlin

Copywriter: Caroline McLoughlin