Filmfest dc


Overview: In February 2018, Filmfest DC connected with REQ to begin forming a partnership to promote the 2018 Washington, DC International Film Festival. 

Goals: Filmfest DC wanted to increase awareness and ticket sales for this year's festival. 

Solutions: Attract a younger demographic by creating a stronger social media presence, boosting Facebook posts, and utilizing a Google for Nonprofits account to run Google search ads.

Results: In addition to successfully targeting a younger audience on all social media platforms, we were able to assist Filmfest DC in attaining a 12.29% increase in Facebook followers, 60.4K impressions on Twitter, and 11.3K impressions from Google search ads.


Facebook - executions

In order to strengthen Filmfest DC's presence on Facebook, REQ's team drafted and published both organic and paid posts. These posts promoted ticket sales, specific films, throwbacks to last year's festival, and highlights from this year's festival. We were able to attract Filmfest's target audience by boosting posts that reached a younger demographic who would be interested in this year's films.


Facebook - results

  • 12.29% increase in Facebook page likes from 4,460 to 5,007.
  • The CTR reached up to 8.6% on boosted Facebook posts.
  • 90.3K people reached through boosted Facebook posts.
  • 185K impressions through boosted Facebook posts.
  • We reached a younger demographic with 27% of the female audience being between the ages of 25-34, and 35% being between the ages of 35-44.
  • We were also able to reach a younger male audience with 25% being between the ages of 25-34, and another 25% being between the ages of 35-44.

Twitter - executions

We also used Twitter as a way to promote this year's festival. Although we did not boost tweets, we were able to reach a large amount of impressions and engagement rate through posts that were scheduled on this platform.

Twitter - results

  • The total number of impressions reached 60,400.
  • The engagement rate was 1.1%.
  • A total of 227 users clicked on tweets during the campaign.
  • The highest amount of impressions a tweet received was 4.4K.

Instagram - executions 

To help Filmfest DC achieve their goal of more awareness and ticket sales, we crafted and scheduled posts to Instagram 5 - 7 times a week. These posts promoted specific films, ticket sales, special guests, and highlights from last year's festival.

Filmfest DC Instagram.jpg

Google Search - executions

Since Filmfest DC is a non-profit organization, REQ lended a helping hand by assisting Filmfest in applying for and setting up a Google for Nonprofits account. With this account, we were able to set up Google search ads promoting the festival and certain films. As a team, REQ monitored the account's daily performance and made any changes necessary to help Filmfest DC increase ticket sales and website traffic.


google search - results

  • 1,540 total clicks
  • $1.12 average CPC
  • $1,730 total value
  • 13.63% average CTR.
  • The age group that performed the strongest was 25-34 with a total of 239 clicks and 2,005 impressions.