Ad 2 DC


In September 2017, I joined Ad 2 DC, an affiliate of DC's American Advertising Federation (AAF DC) chapter. Ad 2 DC is for young advertising professionals who are below the age of 32 and want to make an impact in today's ad industry. And I've been doing just that for the past nine months.


In fact, I play an active role as a member of both the Communications Committee and the Public Service Committee. The Communications Committee is responsible for all things digital and social media, while the Public Service Committee builds a pro-bono campaign for a nonprofit client each year. I was able to build a bridge between the two by attending events held by this year's Public Service client, Mikva Challenge DC, and using social media as a way to communicate their brand voice.


On a day-to-day basis, I create and post content to AD 2 DC's social media platforms. I also brainstorm new ways to increase user engagement across all channels. Keep scrolling to see what I can do with the power of a keyboard.


Communications Committee

Ad 2 DC already has a strong following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. So naturally, I wanted to explore ways I could both increase this and have followers interact with each other.


The solutions I came up with were to participate in weekly Twitter chats, create monthly job postings, live-tweet events, and promote general industry events. These tactics resulted in an overall increase in impressions and reach on all social media platforms.

Ad 2 DC’s communications strategies go beyond social media posts. I also write copy for email blasts and event landing pages, which has required me to adopt a flexible brand voice that can be used for various promotions.



When I first joined Ad 2 DC's Communications Committee, I introduced a whole new way of increasing engagement on Twitter - by participating in weekly Twitter chats. If you've never heard of this, don't fret. I didn't either until I joined Ad 2 DC.


Twitter chats consist of industry leaders who host recurring discussions where users can answer their questions. And it's all centered around one hashtag. I participated in weekly chats hosted by Adweek, a pioneer in the digital advertising world. By my second go-around, I was able to get Adweek to follow Ad 2 DC's Twitter account back.

Ongoing accomplishments:

  • Followed by Adweek on Twitter my second go-around.

  • Retweeted by Adweek five times (and counting).

  • An average of four times as many organic impressions received each Wednesday I participated in a Twitter chat compared to the day after.



Below are just some of the tweets I've sent out from Ad 2 DC's account for #AdweekChats.



  • Tweets with the hashtag #AdweekChat on Ad 2 DC's account received many more impressions than tweets that didn't use this hashtag.

  • In fact, #AdweekChat tweets received a total of 102.8k impressions to date.


Get front row seats to my weekly Twitter chats by tuning into @Ad2DC every Wednesday at 2PM ET.


monthly job postings

Finding a job is tough. That's where I come in. Every third Monday of the month, I use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as a way to promote job postings on AAF DC's website. In doing so, I'm able to transform pre-existing content into engaging language that resonates well with Ad 2 DC's followers.



I've written a wide range of job postings for Ad 2 DC's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Since each opening is for a different company, the tone I use must reflect varying brand values and what the ideal candidate would bring to the table.



As stated previously, these posts tend to resonate well with Ad 2 DC's followers.

  • 1K total impressions on Facebook.

  • 728 total reach on Facebook.

  • 2K total impressions on Twitter.



Industry events

In between Twitter chats and job postings, I create and execute posts for Ad 2 DC's social media channels promoting industry events. These have included live-tweeting for national conferences, AAF DC-sponsored happy hours, networking events, and more.


#ADWKDC Live tweeting - executions

On October 4, 2017, I had the pleasure of attending and live-tweeting AAF DC's annual conference, Advertising Week DC (#ADWKDC). Coming up shy of my second week of Ad 2 DC, I jumped in on the opportunity to attend a day-long event and type away for Ad 2's twitter account. Capturing the words of wisdom from dozens of marketing leaders was a true testament to how fast my thumbs could move, but I proved victorious.



#ADWKDC live tweeting - results

Followers and non-followers of Ad 2 DC on Twitter were very receptive of this event.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 7.46.41 PM.jpg
  • 16.5K total Twitter impressions on October 4, 2017 - that's three times the amount of impressions received on the following day.


AM Ad buzz - executions

If you're not a morning person, AAF DC's AM Ad Buzz will be sure to turn you into one. As another initiative to tag-team with AAF DC, I create monthly social media posts that promotes AM Ad Buzz. This event is a morning discussion held by industry leaders who talk industry things.

AM Ad buzz - results

  • 533 total impressions on Facebook.

  • 325 total reach on Facebook.

  • 2.6K total impressions on Twitter.

  • 410 total impressions on Instagram.

  • 333 total reach on Instagram.

email marketing

A key component of Ad 2 DC’s marketing efforts is to create and send out email blasts to members of Ad 2 DC and AAF DC. This has helped both organizations in ensuring that we retain a high number of attendees for our many events.


As a way of saying thank you to its hard-working members, Ad 2 DC planned a Friendsgiving event to celebrate everyone’s contribution to this organization. I curated an email blast that adopted a warm, inviting tone to both reflect the upcoming Holidays and our gratitude for each other.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.58.37 AM.png

SXSW ‘18

Ad 2 DC has many connections, one of them being SXSW. This means that members were able to purchase discounted tickets at this year’s past conference. The primary way of getting the word out was through an email blast, meaning the copy had to be informative, descriptive and welcoming.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 12.03.23 PM.png

Landing pages

What’s there to an event without a way to sign up? Landing pages are a great way to provide a run-down of upcoming events with engaging copy. See below for event pages I’ve had the pleasure of creating.


Social media posts and email blasts redirected users to the landing page set up for Friendsgiving. Because this is the only way attendees can register, the copy is informative yet retains a welcoming tone.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 12.11.15 PM copy.jpg

Public Service Committee

Mikva Challenge DC gives DC youth the opportunity to become active, informed citizens at a young age. The Public Service Committee chose to create work for this client because of how invested they are in the DC community. In turn, Mikva DC sought Ad 2 DC's help in increasing awareness and enrollment.


I was able to build a bridge between both committees all the while helping Mikva Challenge DC reach its goals through social media. The solutions I came up with were to take advantage of Ad 2 DC's large audience on social media by promoting Mikva DC and live-tweeting events held by this organization.


As a result, posts curated for Mikva Challenge DC received a large amount of impressions and reach on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



ad 2 dc promotions

Throughout the campaign, I created posts that used Mikva Challenge DC's action-oriented voice to show what their organization truly stands for.





Twitter performed the strongest with over 1,000 impressions for tweets dedicated to Mikva DC:

  • 215 total impressions on Facebook.

  • 159 total reach on Facebook.

  • 1.3K impressions on Twitter.

  • 252 total impressions on Instagram.

  • 191 total reach on Instagram.


live-tweeting events

I'm sure you can tell by now that I have a thing for live-tweeting. I brought this passion to the table by attending and live-tweeting events held by Mikva DC, which resulted in a dramatic spike in impressions on Twitter.


project soapbox - executions

Project Soapbox is one of Mikva DC's largest and most impactful annual events. By giving students the chance to discuss issues that they're passionate about solving, their voices are listened to and accounted for.

I took advantage of Ad 2 DC's active, engaged audience by live-tweeting moving quotes from Mikva DC students.


projet soapbox - results

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 7.01.29 PM.jpg

Ad 2 DC's tweets curated for Project Soapbox saw a lot of loving.

  • 7.2K total impressions on Twitter during Project Soapbox's event.


public service reveal party - executions

Hard work doesn't go unrecognized. So naturally, Mikva DC tag-teamed with Ad 2 DC's Public Service committee at the end of their campaign to celebrate both parties' hard work. At the Public Service reveal party, the committee co-chairs walked the audience through the pro-bono campaign they worked day and night to build. There were even Mikva DC students who delivered the same speeches they gave during Project Soapbox.

I was able to snag front row seats for this event which I, of course, live-tweeted.


public service reveal party - results

Just like Project Soapbox, the Public Service reveal party was a hit on Ad 2 DC's Twitter.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 7.53.22 PM.jpg
  • 2K total impressions on Twitter during the Public Service reveal party for Mikva DC.


AAF DC: The voice

When I'm not typing away for the Communications Committee or live-tweeting events for the Public Service Committee, I'm writing articles for AAF DC's online blog, The Voice. DC's marketing hub offers a unique opportunity to capture industry events through words, which is what I do for AAF DC.

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