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Face + Story


When I was 8 I won first place in a drawing contest. My task? I had to show a way I saved money. So my cliche-self drew a lemonade stand. I hate lemonade. But I won $75. That's when I knew I wanted to work in advertising.


When I was 19 I adopted a kitten against both my mother's and landlord's will. Although his cage was small, his personality still shone through. I knew that in addition to giving him a home, I had to give him a creative outlet. That's when I knew I wanted to become a content writer.


When I was 23 I was told four words that would change my life forever: "your mom has cancer." My entire world around me collapsed. But in the months that followed, something magical happened. My world rebuilt itself from the ground up and as a bonus, I gained a backbone. That's when I knew I was an adult.


I'm a communications professional, and that's my story. What's yours?